Opening Positions

We are seeking graduate students and postdocs who can share our vision.

Vision: We design intelligent assistant robots that extend human capability through intuitive and immersive human-robot interfaces

We are doing multidisciplinary research to develop the cutting-edge technology. If you are self-motivated, passionate, and high-standard person, please join us regardless of your educational and research background or technical skills. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

2020 lab members

Additional Requirements for Post-Doc Positions

  • High quality journal publications or potential to publish the research results at top-ranked journal papers.
  • Strong English communication skills: documentation and presentation.
  • Strong skills in experimental design and technical abilities.
  • Strong analytical abilities of visualizing, articulating, and solving complex problems.
  • Self-motivated and ability to work independently and lead projects with team members.

Opening Internship Positions for Undergraduate

  • Prediction of human motion intention based on surface-myoelectric (sEMG) sensor
  • High-precision teleoperative surgical robotics for electrode insertion on peripheral nerves
  • Prosthetic hand design and clinical trial for partial hand amputees
  • Exoskeleton robots for the hand-to-wrist rehabilitation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many opening positions for graduate students?

A1. There is no fixed number for the opening position. We make flexible decisions depending on the applicant’s potential.

Q2. Is it mandatory to take internship to join MARCH?

A2. No. We recommend you to have lots of experience in various fields during undergraduate course. Of course, if you can show your potential through internship, it would definitely be advantage to join us. However, if there are too many applicants, we interview the applicants and control the number of internship students.

Q3. What kind of technical abilities do I must have?

A3. In order to easily get start as a graduate student, programming, CAD modeling, or hardware design are recommended but not requirements. You are going to learn those things quickly just after joining us. If you fully understand the curriculums in your school, that’s enough.

Q4. Are there positions for PhD-master integration degree?

A4. Currently, we have no opening position for PhD-master integration degree. There are two reasons.
First, it takes about 1 to 1.5 years to just learn what’s going on in the field of robotics. Thus, you can have opportunity to reconsider whether the robotics is good fit for you after completing your master thesis. Then, if you think so, you can proceed to PhD Course.
Second, requirements for master and PhD degree are different. For master degree, you need to prove that you can build and control your own robotic system, and apply it to real life. But for PhD degree, you have to develop your own theory to contribute to robotic society. You have to publish top-ranked journal papers and high-impact demonstration to be a next-generation leader.

Contact for internship

Please send the following package to including

  • A copy of transcript (if you want)
  • CV or resume (less than 1 page)
  • Written or Recorded research plan and self-introduction (less than 1 page or less than 1 minutes)

IMPORTANT: Many emails go to spam. Please write on subject line as [Internship, MARCH] your name

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Last update: 2020. 05. 04