Upper Limb Power Assistant Robot for the elderly and the disabled

KULEX-10 (2013)

Prosthetic Finger (2018)

Upper Limb Power Assistant Robot - U2 (2014)

KULEX-10: Brushing Teeth (2013)

KULEX-10: Activities of Daily Living (2013)

KULEX-2 (2011)

Decoding of Human Intention and Delivery of Haptic Sensation Using Bionic Interface

Rock-paper-scissors with Robot hand (2016)

3D Avatar (2016)

Human-robot interaction with bionic interface (2015)

Writing name with Bionic Interface (2014)

PPT Controller (2014)

Drone Controller (2014)

K-arm grasping motion (2014)

Rock-paper-scissors with K-arm (2014)

Surgical Robot Interface

Surgical Robot (2016)

Stereotactic Surgical Robot (2013)

Research on Haptics

Wearable Haptic Display Device (2015)

Variable Friction Tactile Display (2014)