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Wonwoo Cho

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B.S. in Mechanical Systems Engineering, Kookmin University(2020)
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, POSTECH(2022)

Research Interests

Prosthesis for Amputee

– Mechanism design based on ergonomics
– Motion intention detection using bionic signals

Exoskeleton Actuating mechanism

– Human robot interaction


Research Interests

Dometic Conference

1. Yusung Kim, Seonghyeon Jo, Wonwoo Cho, and Hyung-soon Park, “Design of Wearable Suit for Knee Flexion with Cable-Driven Mechanism,” in 2020 15th Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference.
2. Wonwoo Cho, Wan Kyun Chung and Keehoon Kim, “Classification of Human Motion for a Patient with a Partially Amputated Hand Using sEMG Signals,” in 2021 16th Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference.
3. Wonwoo Cho and Keehoon Kim, “Wrist Rotation Module for Partial Hand Amputation,” in 2022 17th Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference.

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